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Vanessa Rousso was ousted from the Big Brother 17 house in a major upset during the season finale last night when Steve Moses beat her out in a narrowly won competition and wisely sent her to the Jury before she had the chance to beat him there. Vanessa Rousso exits the Big Brother house – Source: CBS / Monty Brinton

Vanessa is the No. 2 female poker player in the world when it comes to online and live tournaments. She's been pro for the past 10 years and has won $4.5 million dollars since she began. She's a tomboy who has always been 2015/09/24 2018/12/23 2015/09/15

43 Way back in June, poker pro Vanessa Rousso entered the Big Brother house for the 17th season of the hit CBS television show. Rousso was joined by 13 other housemates, but over the course of 98

2015/07/21 2015/09/25 2015/09/24 Vanessa Rousso is a highly intelligent and skilled poker player who has earned her notoriety through her play. She's also a highly attractive woman, and many attribute much of her popularity to her sex appeal. In fact, many refer


Who won Big Brother 17 was revealed last night on CBS when the 9-member Jury cast their votes between a pairing of Liz Nolan, Steve Moses, and Vanessa Rousso. One of these three players was about t… Jun 17, 2015 · Vanessa Rousso is set to star in the Big Brother 17, alongside a pro wrestler, a dentist, a poker dealer and…Steve Silverman? CBS has announced 14 of the suspected 16 members of the Big Brother Vanessa Rousso, known to the online world as Lady Maverick, has been impressing people at the poker tables for nearly a decade now. Over the course of her career, she has won over $3.5 million dollars and has been sponsored by one of the best online poker rooms in the business: PokerStars. Sep 24, 2015 · CBS. Vanessa Rousso, who was pegged by many to be the winner this season, came up short. THR spoke to her moments after this season's live finale. The professional poker player and Las Vegas

Of the five houseguests remaining, one is poker professional Vanessa Rousso. Rousso has shown a dominant mental game throughout the run of this summer’s program, but she still has to make it down

2020/04/11 Vanessa is also an avid blackjack player, often spotted at the high limit tables at the Bellagio, hat tightly pulled down over her face. Vanessa Rousso is one of the most famous female poker players, gaining notoriety when she appeared in many of the first poker … 2017/12/18 2015/09/25 2016/06/22

Vanessa "V.Rousso" Rousso Vanessa Rousso is more than just your average pretty face. She is a great poker player. She is one of the greatest female poker players of all time.

There was a conspiracy theory being floated that CBS rigged Big Brother for Vanessa Rousso to win, in order to promote her upcoming show Poker Face. Vanessa Ashley Rousso (born February 5, 1983) is an American attorney and professional poker player, DJ, and  Vanessa is the #2 female poker player in the world when it comes to online and live tournaments. She's been pro for the past 10 years and has won $4.5 million  15 Sep 2015 MO: There is apparently a rumor that the show Big Brother is being rigged for Vanessa to win to promote this new show called Poker Face. A cameraman on the set of “BB17,” claimed that the show fixed it for Vanessa to win the prize in order to promote her new CBS show, “Poker Face.” He claimed